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某对外发行的英文报正在就中学生是否应该“自理、自立”进行讨论。请根据所给提示用英语写一篇 100 词左右的短文,题目自拟。




参考词汇: career ——行业; self-made men ——自我成材的人

Depend on Yourself

“Depend on yourself” is what nature says to everyone. Parents, teachers and others can all help us, but they only help us to help ourselves and make men of us.

There have been many great men in history. Though many of them were very poor in their childhood with no one to depend on for an education, they set to work with all their determination to gain knowledge. Finally they worked their own way up to fame.

Thinking of all those self-made men around us, we are well aware of the importance of depending on oneself. What they have in common, in spite of the differences in their fields, is their determination to succeed in their careers and the spirit to depend on their own honest and earnest efforts. In fact, no one will achieve anything unless he depends on himself.

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